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SAFe Scrum Master (2Days)

Master Agile leadership: Join our guaranteed SAFe Scrum Master course & propel your career forward!

Service Description

The SAFe Scrum Master course is an immersive training experience designed to develop skilled Scrum Masters capable of supporting and facilitating team success in a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) environment. This course delves into the role of the Scrum Master, exploring beyond the basics of Scrum to the application of SAFe principles, facilitating Agile team ceremonies, and fostering collaboration across all levels of an organization. Participants will learn how to effectively facilitate team events, support and coach Agile teams, and drive the successful execution of Program Increments. The course emphasizes the importance of Agile and Lean principles, offering insights into the integration of these practices within a SAFe enterprise. It covers key aspects such as the Scrum Master's role in the planning, execution, and delivery of value through Agile Release Trains (ARTs), and how to build high-performing Agile teams by becoming a servant leader and coach. Through a mix of instruction and interactive exercises, attendees will gain a deep understanding of the critical role that Scrum Masters play in the success of a Lean-Agile transformation. They will leave the course equipped with the tools and techniques necessary to navigate the complexities of scaling Agile across multiple teams and departments. The course also prepares participants for the SAFe Scrum Master certification exam, a valued credential that demonstrates their ability to apply SAFe to scale Agile development in their organizations. Our SAFe Scrum Master course is guaranteed to run, ensuring that learners have a reliable pathway to enhancing their skills and advancing their careers as effective Scrum Masters in a SAFe environment.

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8679 Parsons Hill Boulevard, Zephyrhills, FL, USA

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