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Empowering Transformation: Navigate Your Agile Journey with Scaled Agile Premier Classes

Scaled Agile, Inc. is a renowned provider of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), which is a set of organization and workflow patterns intended to guide enterprises in scaling lean and agile practices. SAFe® is widely recognized for its comprehensive approach to software development, IT operations, and business strategy, helping large organizations achieve efficiency, employee engagement, and quicker time-to-market. Scaled Agile offers a variety of classes aimed at different roles within an organization, each designed to equip professionals with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to implement and support a lean-agile transformation.

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, agility and adaptability are not just advantages but necessities. This is where Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) comes into play, offering a blueprint for organizations to scale lean and agile practices across the enterprise. However, understanding and implementing SAFe® principles can be a daunting task without the right guidance and training. Enter Stashed Knowledge, a premier provider of world-class training designed to unlock the full potential of SAFe® for businesses of all sizes.

Why Choose Stashed Knowledge for SAFe® Training?

Stashed Knowledge stands out as a beacon for organizations and professionals seeking to master the Scaled Agile Framework. With an unparalleled commitment to excellence, Stashed Knowledge offers comprehensive training for the entire range of SAFe® 1, 2, and 3-day classes. Whether you're an executive looking to lead a lean-agile transformation, a team member eager to contribute effectively to your Agile Release Train (ART), or an HR professional aiming to align human resources practices with agile values, Stashed Knowledge has a training solution tailored to your needs.

World-Class Expertise at Your Fingertips

What sets Stashed Knowledge apart is not just the breadth of its offerings but the depth of expertise behind each course. Each class is led by accredited and certified SAFe® instructors who bring real-world experience and insights into the classroom. These instructors are not just teachers; they are seasoned practitioners who have walked the path of transformation and are equipped to guide others through it. With Stashed Knowledge, you're not just learning the theory of SAFe®; you're gaining practical knowledge that can be applied immediately to drive tangible results in your organization.

Engaging and Interactive Learning Experience

Stashed Knowledge believes in the power of interactive learning. Each SAFe® class is designed to be engaging, fostering an environment where questions are encouraged, and knowledge is shared freely. Through a blend of examples, group discussions, and hands-on exercises, participants are equipped with the skills and confidence to apply SAFe® principles in their day-to-day roles. This immersive approach ensures that learners of all styles can grasp the concepts and practices that make SAFe® such a powerful framework for enterprise agility.

Comprehensive Coverage for Every Role

Understanding that agility is a collective effort, Stashed Knowledge offers training that caters to every role within the SAFe® ecosystem. From Leading SAFe® for executives and managers to specialized courses like SAFe® for Architects and Agile HR Explorer, Stashed Knowledge provides the tools and insights necessary for each team member to excel. This role-specific training ensures that every piece of the agile puzzle is in place, facilitating a smoother and more effective transformation.

Commitment to Your Agile Journey

Stashed Knowledge is committed to supporting learners beyond the classroom. With access to a wealth of resources, ongoing support, and a community of agile practitioners, participants are never alone on their journey. This commitment reflects Stashed Knowledge's understanding that mastering SAFe® is an ongoing process, and success is achieved through continuous learning and adaptation.

Explore the full spectrum of Scaled Agile classes offered by Stashed Knowledge and find the perfect course to elevate your agile journey below:

1. Leading SAFe® (SA)

Target Roles: Executives, Managers, Consultants, Lean-Agile Leaders

Leading SAFe® is a two-day course designed for leaders who need to understand how to manage the transformation to a lean-agile enterprise through the Scaled Agile Framework. It covers the principles and practices of the framework, Lean-Agile leadership, creating high-performing teams and teams of teams, and supporting a successful transformation. It is ideal for higher-level management and leaders who are responsible for leading the change initiative in their organization.

2. SAFe® for Government (SGP)

Target Roles: Government Contractors, Government Agency Representatives

SAFe® for Government is tailored for individuals who are part of government agencies seeking to implement Lean-Agile practices. This course addresses the specific challenges and opportunities of scaling Agile in the public sector, focusing on building technology-based capabilities that align with agency missions, goals, and needs.

3. Agile HR Explorer (AHRE) in Partnership with Just Leading Solutions (JLS)

Target Roles: HR Professionals, Talent Managers

Agile HR Explorer is tailored for HR professionals aiming to integrate agile practices into HR functions. This course covers the principles of Lean-Agile frameworks applied to HR practices, focusing on talent acquisition, retention, learning and development, and performance management. It's suitable for HR personnel looking to adapt HR strategies that support agile organizational structures.

4. SAFe® for Teams (SP)

Target Roles: Team Members, Developers, Testers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters

This course focuses on the team level of SAFe®, teaching participants how to become an effective Agile Team member in a SAFe® Agile Release Train (ART). It covers Agile principles, SAFe® principles, iteration planning, and execution. This class is perfect for individuals who are part of, or will be part of, an Agile team and need to understand their role in the SAFe® environment.

5. SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM)

Target Roles: Scrum Masters, Team Leads

The SAFe® Scrum Master class is specifically designed for new Scrum Masters or those wishing to better understand their role in a SAFe® enterprise. It explores the role of the Scrum Master in the context of the entire enterprise and prepares attendees to successfully plan and execute the Planning Interval (PI), the primary enabler of alignment throughout all levels of a SAFe® organization.

6. SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master (SASM)

Target Roles: Scrum Masters, Team Leads, Agile Coaches

The SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master class is designed for existing Scrum Masters who wish to take their skills to the next level in a SAFe® enterprise. This course dives deeper into the role of the Scrum Master, exploring how to facilitate cross-team interactions, support ART execution, and improve flow in the Planning Interval. It's an excellent course for Scrum Masters looking to enhance their leadership abilities and effectiveness in a scaled agile context.

7. SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE)

Target Roles: Release Train Engineers, Product/Project Managers, Agile Coaches

The SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE) course is specifically tailored for individuals who aspire to step into the pivotal role of a Release Train Engineer in a SAFe® environment. As facilitators of the Agile Release Train (ART), RTEs are responsible for ensuring the seamless execution of the ART through fostering relentless improvement, facilitating the Planning Interval, and working with stakeholders to address impediments and drive value delivery.

8. SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM)

Target Roles: Product Managers, Product Owners, Business Owners, Business Analysts

This class provides an in-depth understanding of how to perform the role of a Product Owner or Product Manager in a SAFe® enterprise. It covers the activities, tools, and mechanics used to manage backlogs and initiatives, delivering value through effective execution and ART backlog management, with a focus on flow.

9. SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM)

Target Roles: Product Managers, Product Owners, Business Owners

The SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) course is meticulously designed for individuals tasked with the critical responsibility of managing products in a lean-agile enterprise. Bridging traditional product management and agile practices, this course empowers participants with an understanding of how to define product vision, strategy, and roadmap in the context of SAFe®. It delves into the nuances of customer-centricity, design thinking, and product lifecycle management, equipping product managers and owners with the tools to drive value through innovation and execution.

10. SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

Target Roles: Executives, Portfolio Managers, Enterprise Architects, Business Leaders

Lean Portfolio Management is a three-day interactive course that teaches the practical tools and techniques necessary to implement Strategy and Investment Funding, Agile Portfolio Operations, and Lean Governance. It is ideal for senior leaders and executives who need to understand how to align strategy to execution to support a lean-agile transformation.

11. SAFe® Agile Software Engineering (ASE)

Target Roles: Software Developers, Test Engineers, Technical Managers

This course focuses on the application of Lean-Agile principles and practices to the development of software and systems. It teaches the foundational principles and practices that make up the Agile Software Engineering discipline.

12. SAFe® DevOps (SDP)

Target Roles: DevOps Engineers, Release Managers, Development Managers

SAFe® DevOps is aimed at individuals involved in the development, deployment, and operation of software systems. It teaches a CALMR approach to DevOps, focusing on culture, automation, lean flow, measurement, and recovery.

13. SAFe® for Architects (ARCH)

Target Roles: System, Solution, and Enterprise Architects

SAFe® for Architects focuses on the role of architects in a lean-agile enterprise. It covers the skills necessary to align architecture with business value and facilitate the execution of Planning Intervals and Lean-Agile principles. This course is essential for architects working within a SAFe® context, ensuring that solutions are architecturally sound and aligned with business goals.

Commitment to Your Agile Journey

Stashed Knowledge is committed to supporting learners beyond the classroom. With access to a wealth of resources, ongoing support, and a community of agile practitioners, participants are never alone on their journey. This commitment reflects Stashed Knowledge's understanding that mastering SAFe® is an ongoing process, and success is achieved through continuous learning and adaptation.


Scaled Agile offers a comprehensive suite of courses designed to support all aspects of a lean-agile transformation. Whether you're a senior executive, a software engineer, or a government official, there's a class tailored to help you understand and implement the principles of SAFe® in your role. By attending these courses, individuals can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute effectively to their organization's transformation journey.

In the quest for agility, the right training can make all the difference. Stashed Knowledge provides the keys to unlocking the full potential of the Scaled Agile Framework, offering world-class training that prepares organizations and individuals for success in the agile world. With a focus on practical knowledge, interactive learning, and comprehensive coverage for every role, Stashed Knowledge is your partner in transformation. Embrace the journey to enterprise agility with Stashed Knowledge, and turn the principles of SAFe® into the building blocks of your success.

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